Monday, March 31, 2008



Its commonly assumed that the real location of a man's brain is below his belt. So that glazed expression of the man on the bus means only one thing, he's thinking about sex. (Men can launch into a full-blown fantasy just by glancing at a pencil sharpener). Not surprisingly, surveys show men are less adventurous towards sex than their fantasies might at first suggest. They see kindness as a top priority when looking for a partner. A survey by a male psychologist showed men think about sex every 7 minutes, a female psychologist revealed it to be every 20 minutes.Now, which do you believe?

Football. The male-bonding ritual that's thought about, talked about, fought about. For men who normally hold their emotions back, its the perfect outlet: they cry, hug, kiss (both supporters and players) with a passion rarely seen outside the football ground. Sleepless nights are often endured thinking about the form of his team's centre-forward. The staunch allegience to the game can be put neatly into perspective: men spend more on football compared to their partners. Its not a matter of life or death. Its much more important than that.


To get your partner excited, whispre these words in his ear. "Chrome hub caps. Front and rear matching spoilers. 16 valve engine, or this, "sleek wheels, v-8 engine with 500 horsepower,300km/hr". This form of arousal is further demonstrated in a recent survey. It revealed that most men would prefer a new motor to a date with Beyonce. John, a friend and psychology student at Makerere explained this as "they lock away feelings and are more comfortable getting emotional with cars than women". So if you spot your partner tenderly kissing the dashboard of his car, dont worry. Its perfectly healthy. Their loving attachment does, however, have its downsides. Apparently, the severe drop in the male sperm count is partly due to lengthy periods spent driving. One final trip to take with you down lie's motorway: avoid men with personalised number plates that read, "STUD".

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