Monday, August 25, 2008


1. Thou shall not bad mouth his mother to anyone, not even to your best friends. Insulting his sister or his best friend, or his car is also a bad move.

2.Thou shall not write him a soul - baring note saying: "Once I met you, I knew I could put the pain and toxicity of the past behind me. Thank you for giving me back my innocence." Girl, you'll soon see how fast he can run.

3.--- Buy him tickets to his favourite sport and saying "At first, I thought you should take your frinds along, but then I decided I should go with you and find out why you're so obsessed with this game."

4.---Send him a teddy-gram wearing a T-shirt that says, 'I love you beary much,' at work. His colleagues will never let him live it down.

5.---Tidy his bedroom for him, making sure his favourite shirts are hung on coat hangers and those tatty old magazines he hoards are tossed out. You're not his mother and he probably has a good reason for leaving his clothes on the floor.

6.---Suggest that in order to get closer and explore trust issues, you should shave each other's legs. Relationship issues should never be explored with a blade. Plus, he will end up looking really silly.

7.---Restock his fridge with I-care-for-your-heart foods. For instance, replacing his beers and last night's left over beef and potatoed with a bowl of boiled cabbage, fresh carrot juice and brussel sprouts.

8.---Give him a book entitled "What women really want from their men". You will soon discover what men dont want from their women - books like this!

9.---Constantly ask him for airtime but never make an attempt to call him, or worse, beep him.

10.---Try to change a man, for example get him circumcised just because you would like it.

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